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Autor:    Fecha:  16 November 2015
  The blended learning (b-learning), known also as semi- presence modality or hybrid model, consists of the combination between the presence-based modality work and the virtual work. In fact they combine the use of Internet, digital means and traditional means. The blended learning is considered as a very effective system thanks to his method of education where the pupil learns in a virtual environment helped by traditional training. This kind of traditional ...
Autor:    Fecha:  19 October 2015
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The XXIXth GP Truck of Spain was celebrated the last 3 and 4th of October in the Jarama Circuit of Madrid. At this event, Simumak participated as a guest invited by Mercedes Benz Spain and Simumak could bring his Simestruck Gold, heavy vehicles’s simulator, and show it to every guest invited to this event. The above mentioned event is part of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2015 (uninterrupted event since ...
Autor:    Fecha:  27 July 2015
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When it comes to training, we can never be sure that what we are doing is Ideal to get the best results. We always try to improve our strategies and tools, adapting them to our customers and users. How? Thanks to the technology of our products, our ability to innovate and our possibility of development as a company specializing in training through virtual simulation. Although Simumak works in several different sectors, ...