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Autor:    Fecha:  25 April 2017
The -Hi Tech Fair arrives to Manresa (province of Barcelona) with the aim of promoting solutions of high technologies and services focused on the treatment of natural materials. Hi Tech, a fair focused on the extraction and exploitation of natural resources based in Manresa, will allow participants to enjoy multiple real demonstrations carried out by the exhibitors in which their technological contributions related to the theme of the event will be ...
Autor:    Fecha:  25 April 2017
Simumak participates in SMOPYC 2017 from today until 29 April, with its simulators of machinery and automotive, Maqsim Silver and Simescar Silver. Madrid, 04/25/2017. SMOPYC 2017 starts today as one of the biggest events in the construction and mining sectors at the international level. With the intention of presenting the latest technological advances related to these sectors, the Fair of Zaragoza (Spain) becomes as the host, for the seventeenth consecutive year, of ...
Autor:    Fecha:  14 March 2017
In Simumak we continue working hard to achieve new goals daily in the field of simulation. Our ability to design and develop 100% of our simulators allow us to create new didactic tools based on innovation, where knowing the needs of our market becomes our main focus. This year 2017 becomes a year full of new challenges, starting with the launch of our new car simulator model, Simescar Ambar, and its ...