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Autor:    Fecha:  14 March 2017
In Simumak we continue working hard to achieve new goals daily in the field of simulation. Our ability to design and develop 100% of our simulators allow us to create new didactic tools based on innovation, where knowing the needs of our market becomes our main focus. This year 2017 becomes a year full of new challenges, starting with the launch of our new car simulator model, Simescar Ambar, and its ...
Autor:    Fecha:  8 February 2017
In Simumak we have incorporated the automatic transmission inside the driving possibilities of our automobile simulator software, Simescar. Learning to drive an automatic car (with automatic transmission type) can be very easy for those who have never before driven a real car, but for all those that have driven with a manual gearshift can be quite hard at first. When a person is used to driving a manual car and decides to ...
Autor:    Fecha:  8 February 2017
software s.o smt
The software of our simulator of heavy vehicles, Simestruck, is characterized by different parameters with which we can test the user’s skill, in multiple environments and with different vehicles in the same cabin. Inside different possibilities offered by our simulator of heavy vehicles, Simestruck, we find the selection of different types of environments, changes or alterations in the weather, elements of the vehicle, etc. The user can chose the parameters that he ...