It is a simulator which recreates a front shovel digging mechanism. A machine focused to work on mining, self-propelled on crawlers and an upper structure able to rotate 360 °.


Excavator loading toward the front. It has higher discharge height than the backhoe device. Used in mining work, when materials are loaded above the level of work. Due to the high productivity of this machine, small faults may cause huge costs.


The Simulator is intended to students to acquire full knowledge of the functioning of the machine, from the controls to complex operational applications. It is considered that the Simulator can replace at least 60% of the hours of practical training.





This simulator can be incorporated into the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond cabins. The same cockpit may also contain various simulated integrated machines like: BD Maqsim or AD. This type of simulator enabling a comprehensive training plan in earthmoving operators in the construction sector.


-Real controls of the machine: joysticks, pedals and buttons
-Three screens that recreates the front panels of the real machine
-Movement platform that reproduces the motion and position required to handle and move the machine
-Surround system that reproduces the engine, vibration and environment real sounds





Reproduces, with total realism, the performance of the machine as it moves, when receiving the load, when transporting it, etc. The simulator also faithfully samples typical scenarios of use areas. The physical characteristics of the machine are completely real.


-Initial menu with optional parameters settings
-Getting used to the machine and most common maneuvers
-Practical applications in different scenarios with customized features
-Driving under different weather conditions including eventual incidents





It is a plan adapted 100% to the driver requirements. It is composed by training sessions and exercises that must be completed to correctly evaluate the student.
At the end of each practice, a results summary will pop-up with all the infractions and mistakes committed by the user.




1.Learning the controls of the machine
2.Starting-up, basic movements
4.Basic operations
-Positioning to dig
-Positioning to load


5.Practical applications
-Swing the upper-structure
-Digging on the mine front
-Load, elevate, swing and unload


6.Health and safety procedures