It is a construction simulator that recreates the mechanism of a wheeled excavator. It is a complex machine that requires a comprehensive training to guarantee the safety of the workplace. The productivity and the operator confidence will be improved using the simulator for earth moving task. The training activity will take place with adapted exercises to operator needs.





This simulator can be incorporated into the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond cabins. The same cockpit may also contain various simulated integrated machines like: BHL Maqsim, WLS, or 360T. This type of simulator enabling a comprehensive training plan in earthmoving operators in the construction sector.


-Real controls of the machine: steering wheel, pedals, gearstick and joystick
-Three monitors that recreates the front panels of the real machine
-Movement platform that reproduces the motion and position required to handle and move the machine
-Surround system that reproduces the engine, vibration and environment real sounds





Plays with high realism the performance of the machine when it moves, when it travel with loads etc. If we add to the virtual reality simulator an specific training backhoe software, we get an ideal of education and training of machinery operators. Whether beginner or experienced operators students, the simulator is a highly productive training tool, effective and ensures the safety of the user and other people around.


-Initial menu with optional parameters settings
-Getting used to the machine and most common maneuvers
-Driving under different weather conditions: sunny, night-time, evening, rain, snow, fog,
-Usual construction site applications seasoned with eventual incidents





It is a plan adapted 100% to the driver requirements. It is composed by training sessions and exercises that must be completed to correctly evaluate the student.
At the end of each practice, a results summary will pop-up with all the infractions and mistakes committed by the user.


TRAINING PLAN: To get used to the controls of the machine:


Progressive exercise in:
-Earth moving
-Moving around the work site


Job applications:
-Digging a pipe trench
-Digging and loading in a remote place


Health and safety procedures