3DOF120MS – SIMUMAK’s seat motion platform

Autor:    Fecha:  20 January 2012


The new development of SIMUMAK has just seen the light; a 3DOF120MS, a motion platform designed to be fitted in a seat, designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements.


It is a 3 degrees of freedom platform (roll, pich & heave) robust, reliable and of high-performance. These are some of its technical characteristics:


  • Max. Payload: 120Kg
  • Tours: 30º – 200mm
  • Speeds: 120º/s – 250mm/s
  • Accelerations: 300º/s2 – 1.5g

The product is distributed in a fully integrated manner; control and power are located in a same block. It is only necessary to plug in the platform to the electrical network (220V-1F) and send the movement information via ethernet. DLL control (which is distributed together with the system) allows you to reposition, change speed, making possible to control various parameters of the platform, like acceleration, in real time.


Very soon we will start to see this technology applied to new SIMUMAK’s products.