A new era for heavy vehicles drivers has born thanks to the SEST SENAT

Autor:    Fecha:  20 October 2016

Thanks to the SEST SENAT, our Simestruck Platinum simulator establishes a new technique for heavy vehicles drivers all over Brazilian territory.

Since last August, SEST SENAT offers has offered a new way of learning to professional drivers, transport companies and society.

This new initiative, as we mentioned few weeks ago, is based on a project to install 60 heavy vehicles simulators (Simestruck Platinum) over a period of three years throughout the country to train 50,000 professional Brazilians drivers.

This innovative technology ensures higher comfort and safety for students and provides training rooms equipped by new material with the suitable space for the correct course of their learning process.

Each training room includes one heavy vehicle simulator Simestruck Plantium and one instructor station. With this module, the Instructor interacts in real time with the student, modifying the simulation. They can also analyze in real-time the student’s evolution and even drives other vehicle inside the simulation at the same time.

This new training system helps professional drivers train in 5 themes:

– Driving in advance

– Driving under risky situations

– Knowledge of handling vehicle technology

– Transportation adapted to passengers and heavy cargos

– Maneuvers for heavy vehicles

The SEST SENAT has offered to heavy vehicles drivers in Brazil a new way to improve their driving skills, affecting directly to the transportation companies economy and Brazilian society. A system that combines technology and innovation to offer an economical and efficient way of driving.


Would you want to know more about our heavy vehicles simulator, Simestruck Platinum? Take a look at this video created by the SEST SENAT.