A new Training Plan for our car simulator

Autor:    Fecha:  27 July 2015

When it comes to training, we can never be sure that what we are doing is Ideal to get the best results. We always try to improve our strategies and tools, adapting them to our customers and users. How? Thanks to the technology of our products, our ability to innovate and our possibility of development as a company specializing in training through virtual simulation.

Although Simumak works in several different sectors, we wanted to emphasize into our car simulator’s training Plan. We have expanded the knowledge and the student not only limits his learning in how to drive, we also want to give him the skills to know how to react in front of mechanical and technical situations with the vehicle.


What does the new Training Plan consist?


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                                                 *Exercise 1.1

EXERCISE 0.1: the pupil has to answer a questionnaire with 22 questions on driving.
EXERCISE 0.2: An evaluation of the student’s skills about the engine’s start up and stop, pedals and brake service.
EXERCISE 0.3: the student will work in the knowledge of driving in the city, regulations, perception and his memory capacity.
EXERCISE 1.1: the student will learn how to inspect and maintain the main elements of the vehicle (wheel condition, leaks, brake fluid, oil level, etc).
EXERCISE 1.2: the pupil will learn the different controls of the vehicle and how to activate them following the exercise indications (belt, pedals, horn, etc).
EXERCISE 1.3: familiarization with the pedals use and vehicle movement.
EXERCISE 2.1: the pupil will practice the pedal handling which is necessary for the startup of the vehicle.
EXERCISE 2.2: The pupil will acquire the skills needed to control the wheels of the vehicle and curves with progression of difficulty.
EXERCISE 2.3: the pupil will learn how to improve the pedal handling and how to startup the vehicle in a gradient slope.
EXERCISE 3.1: the pupil will practice an efficient gear shift depending on the speed.
EXERCISE 3.2: the pupil will practice the correct lane-change and will perform several changes as indicates the exercise.
EXERCISE 3.3: the pupil will practice the step back going through several points and trying to avoid any cones without exceed the maximum permissible speed or stalling the vehicle.
EXERCISE 3.4: the pupil will learn how to park the vehicle in four different ways, ending each type of parking to move to the next mode.
EXERCISE 4.1: the pupil will drive through roundabouts in interurban routes under different traffic situations.

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                                                      *Exercise 4.1

EXERCISE 4.2: a long distance driving will be performed and the pupil will learn how to make six different intersections crossing.
EXERCISE 4.3: the pupil will learn how to drive through secondary roads, how to adequate the speed and how to do overtaking.
EXERCISE 5.1: the pupil will drive through urban streets respecting traffic rules, without colliding and following the instructions panel.
EXERCISE 5.2: the pupil will drive through motorway to reach a particular destination guided by the safety signs (making incorporations and departures until you reach your destination).

EXERCISE 5.3: the pupil will drive through secondary roads in different climatological and brightness conditions (day and night).

These modifications, adapted to European traffic regulations GDE Matrix, have the intention to make our training tools elements as complete as possible. In Simumak we complement traditional training and we collaborate in creating responsible drivers to prepare them for the unexpected on the road.