A flight simulator is a system that tries to replicate, or simulate, the experience of flying an aircraft as accurately and realistic as possible. The different types of flight simulators range from video games to real size cabin replicas mounted on hydraulic (or electromechanical) actuators, controlled by modern computer systems.
The purpose of the simulator is to train the concepts and controls of basic aircraft riding in a safety way.




This simulator has all the controls of a real airplane and its features. Its visualization system depends on the version selected, although they all achieve at least 180º of panoramic view. Furthermore, it has assembled a moving platform of 2 or 3 degrees of freedom (2DOF) or (3DOF) to obtain more real feelings, and a 5 +1 audio system 3D.




As real flying is dangerous for inexperienced pilots, from the earliest days of aviation, several schemes have been designed so that pilots could feel the sensation of flying without actually being in the air.




Plays with total realism, the performance of the aircraft, faithfully shows multiple scenarios and all the physical characteristics of the aircraft. In short, a virtual reality very close to reality.