Asepeyo and Simumak work collaboratively on the improvement of the safety of employees

Autor:    Fecha:  19 October 2016

Asepeyo, mutual insurance company that collaborates with social safety, has held its National Convention at the Euroforum Convention Center in El Escorial (Madrid, Spain) on the 27th and 28th September, 2016.


*Euroforum’s building in El Escorial (Madrid, Spain)

The aim of the event was to get together the executives of Assistance Centers to introduce both the new products and services offered by Asepeyo.

Simumak, that had the opportunity of participating actively by installing its car simulator Simescar Silver at the event, was able to show the usefulness of the simulator as a didactic tool used to raise awareness about road safety so as to avoid accidents.

For those two days, the Simescar Silver simulator worked as a centerpiece of multiple courses where one instructor was modulating the training given by the simulator. The Instructor was adapting the criteria of the simulator to the requirements of each driver, teaching them how to drive under different weather conditions and environments, to react correctly in risky situations, emergency braking, etc.

These courses were based on simulator’s training plan, indications of the instructor and exercises programmed to test users.

These exercises may vary depending on the level of difficulty and they can recreate multiple situations or circumstances to teach the users how to react correctly.


*Our Simescar Silver simulator during the National Convention celebrated by Asepeyo

Our Simescar Silver simulator allows to simulate different risky situations without the possibility of suffering a real accident.

Due to Asepeyo, Simumak could show the high capacity of its simulation tool. Its virtual reality in 3D provides an outstanding realism to increase drivers’ skills.

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