Occupational Risks Prevention inside the company

Autor:    Fecha:  1 September 2017

This awareness about Occupational Risks Prevention must be applied equally both in senior management status, middle managers and workers inside the company.


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Any effort we make creating new laws in line with Occupational Risks Prevention has no sense if we do not prioritize on building awareness in both workers and owners of companies about the importance of job security.

Top management has to be the first to ensure the safety of workers inside the company and if they work hard on it, it will be much easier to establish this awareness. Although it may mean a higher initial cost for the company, in the long term it is better to invest in new measures of prevention that would be beneficial to the company.

In the case of middle managers, they are responsible for transmitting the guidelines from senior management to the rest of workers in their teams and they have to be sure that workers are aware about the risks they are exposed to and how they can be addressed.

A good awareness of Occupational Risk Prevention at the above mentioned levels will cause all workers to take the necessary measures to prevent possible accidents.

What happens if there is not enough awareness in companies?

The main negative effects that an insufficient awareness about Occupational Risk Prevention in companies can have are the medical leaves caused by the possible accidents suffered during the working day. These medical leaves become a direct expense for the companies due to the own cost of its management and the cost that supposes to train a substitute during the period of retirement of the worker.

If the accident is more serious or even a fatal injury, the company can be affected by sanctions, social security charges or even covering compensations.

In Simumak, we incorporate in our training simulation solutions different exercises where the user can practice multiple adverse situations without suffering any risks and with which to become aware of their prevention. Practicing these exercises would help company workers be aware of the consequences of each of their actions behind the steering wheel.

After all, there are many problems that a company can face if it does not consistently address the awareness about Occupational Risk Prevention inside the company. A good team management can prevent these accidents that at the end involve direct costs for the company and, in the long term, can seriously damage its social image.