The bulldozers are a type of crawler tractors which are mainly used for the earth movement, levelling, digging, maintenance of tracks and push other machines. With this machine it is not possible to upload materials, due to its system geometry, so earth-moving is done by dragging. Moisture or compaction conditions are also important to achieve a good productivity. The bulldozer has a wide variety of applications in construction, mines and quarries, military applications, agricultural and forestry industries, heavy industry, steel mills, etc.





It retains the operating environment of the real machine, with its touch and all the options of operation. Plasma screen high graphical quality that offers a great sense of realism and immersion. Depending on the actions taken by the user simulates physics and inertia of the machine. Virtual scenarios based on actual digitized images.





The simulator software reproduces, with full realism, the performance of the machine when it moves pushes, the feeling of ground resistance, etc… It shows accurately the scenario of a typical working area and the physical features of the machine.


-Initial menu with optional parameters settings
-Getting used to the machine and most common maneuvers
-Driving under different weather conditions: sunny, night-time, evening, rain, snow, fog, storm…
-Usual construction site applications seasoned with eventual incidents





It is a plan adapted 100% to the driver requirements. It is composed by training sessions and exercises that must be completed to correctly evaluate the student.
At the end of each practice, a results summary will pop-up with all the infractions and mistakes committed by the user.




1.Knowledge of control, driving and manoeuver
-Learning the position and functionality of the controls
-Basic manoeuver
-Maneuvering at the job site


2.Practical applications
-Pushing straight
-Filling a trench
-Berm elimination (method “passing over”)
-Berm elimination (method “crossed pattern”)
-Complete cycle (Digging, pushing and planning)
-Boulders pushing
-Planning piled material
-Terrain ripping (scarify with a ripper)


3.Health and safety procedures