Complementary Simumak’s Simulation Solutions to Traditional Military Training

Autor:    Fecha:  30 August 2017

Every day, more organizations are realizing how convenient it is to integrate interoperable simulators into the military training process. This plus, would help to reduce costs and offer effective complementary solutions to the traditional method of military doctrine. 

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*Simumak’s automotive military simulator

The increase of military peace missions outdoor where soldiers are not exempt from possible conflicts or accidents, has provoked into the emergence of safe military simulation solutions that offer a qualified training with which to acquire a high level of preparation.

These simulation solutions, always complementary and never substitute, allow to train soldiers individually and collectively reducing the cost. Thanks to them, ammunition costs or costs from traveling to special spaces or areas are avoided in order to carry out a safe training.

Nowadays military institutions have different military doctrine simulators. The high costs involved in carrying out this type of training leads to the search for cost-effective solutions that will allow soldiers to guarantee a training that cover the military level expectations required.

An important aspect about integrating a simulator into the military training process is its capability of being interoperable with others during the training processes. The possibilities offered by our Simumak’s simulation solutions with their interoperability, visualization and immersion features can recreate urban environments and battlefields where soldiers can improve their skills without risk of suffering an accident.

Every day, more and more organizations are realizing how convenient it is to integrate interoperable simulators into the training process that allows them to implement mission planning, communications network simulations, war strategies and command-and-control simulations. Thanks to the integration of all these characteristics, a greater military efficiency is achieved planning and training a command mission in an unknown territory.

We must also highlight, apart from interoperability, the possibility of customizing the software based on the particular requirements of the military institution including local scenarios and terrain.

To sum up, an efficient military simulator will be one that allows to recreate combats in different environments with high immersion and realism, being a cost-effective solution that offers virtual training adapted to the needs of the institution.