Do you know how works the software of our simulator of heavy vehicles, Simestruck?

Autor:    Fecha:  8 February 2017

The software of our simulator of heavy vehicles, Simestruck, is characterized by different parameters with which we can test the user’s skill, in multiple environments and with different vehicles in the same cabin.

Inside different possibilities offered by our simulator of heavy vehicles, Simestruck, we find the selection of different types of environments, changes or alterations in the weather, elements of the vehicle, etc.

The user can chose the parameters that he prefers for his practice, some of which can be altered by the instructor from the Instructor Station, at any moment of the simulation. Keeping this in mind, we can find:


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Parameters of the Scenario:

Within the different types of environment between which the user can choose to drive, we can start the simulation in 8 different start points. The duration of the exercises can be from a minimum of 5 minutes to 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30 minutes. Among these environments we find an asphalted interurban area, an interurban area with unpaved land, highway, test track and mine.


Parameters of the Ambiance:

In the case of the environment, the simulator allows programming the weather conditions and other important aspects such as traffic. The software of our simulator can program not only the type of weather that the user will have to face during the exercise (sunny, rainy, cloudy, ice, hail or snow), also can be programmed the intensity of this weather or other parameters as the direction and intensity in the case of the wind.


Parameters of the Vehicle:

In terms of the vehicle, the simulator allows the user to drive up to 9 different vehicles in a single cabin, from 9 truck models to 6 bus models. In addition, another possibility offered by our software is to choose between manual, sequential or automatic transmission depending on the vehicle.

Other interesting parameters about the type of the vehicle are the ABS, ASR and ESP systems or the driving systems that they incorporate. With all this technology recreated, the user can learn to drive a heavy vehicle as close to reality as possible. At last, we have the possibility to program the load that the vehicle will take depending on the type, level and its position inside the box, platform or bus.

The type of load varies between solid load divisible, solid indivisible, liquid, dangerous liquid, live loads or passengers in the case of the bus models that incorporates the simulator. As for the load level, it can be programmed for the vehicle to circulate empty or with a load level from 25% to 100%. Finally, in terms of its position, it can be programmed depending on whether it is placed vertically, horizontally or sideways.


There are many possibilities offered by the software of our simulator heavy vehicles, Simestruck. Being able to choose between many different parameters, in the same cabin, makes life easier for the user. Our simulator allows us to learn new skills that in real life we ​​would not have the possibility of facing them in a way as safe as we can do now in one of our didactic tools designed and developed 100% by us.