Gesquality: Ready to get the first Simestruck from Simumak

Autor:    Fecha:  11 November 2013

Simumak and the Chilean company Gesquality strengthen their business bonds through the first delivery of Simumaks premier truck driving simulator, Simestruck.


Gesquality, a leader in implementation of ISO standards in Chile, shares with Simumak the focus on training and productivity improvement for their clients.

Simestruck is one of the automotion simulators that Simumak offers in order to train safer and more efficient professional drivers for trucks and buses. Beyond the automotive sector, Simumak also manufactures systems for construction, mining, aeronautic, and several other applications.

A new agreement between the two companies was reached in August to provide Simestruck simulators to be used in training courses for professional drivers, as mandated by new laws in chile.

Gesquality and Simumak aim to set a new standard in training of professionals in Chile, combining the knowledge of the market needs and the latest technology available for virtual training venues.

Their alliance is a model to follow for success in the South American continent.