A crane is a lifting machine, designed to raise and distribute loads through the air suspended from a hook. Being self-propelled and with telescopic boom, the machine is able to place any load at the right point at the translation. Mistakes in handling this machine can be fatal, so it is highly desirable prior simulator learning.


Virtual reality

Reproduces, with total realism, the performance of the machine when transporting loads, when it moves, when receiving the load, excavating and loading. The Simulator faithfully samples typical scenarios of use areas. The physical characteristics of the machine are completely real.

In short, a virtual reality very close to reality.


Simulation cabin

This simulator can be incorporated in the models Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond, and virtual classrooms.


Sim’s aim

The simulator is intended to provide the student with full knowledge of machine operation, from the controls to complex professional applications. It is considered that the simulator can replace at least 60% of the hours of practical training in the actual machine. It is not only intended to replace practical classes, but also to develop a self-managed learning activity in which the student learns work issues, skills and attitudes. In conclusion, the goal is to teach how to operate the machine in a productive, safe and controlled way through assessments.