Rocket Boomer E2C: The drilling jumbos provide great economy in working time and therefore raise productivity with less cost per m3 of excavated rock. To achieve this maximization of productivity, you need a well-trained operator, in addition to an equipment in good condition, planning of production with good ventilation, water sweeping enough and stable electric power.


The structure of our Simulator is a replica of the real cockpit. It handles the positioning and drilling of high precision and productivity, it offers several levels of automation for your needs.





It retains the operating environment of the real machine, with its touch and all the options of operation. Plasma screen high graphical quality that offers a great sense of realism and immersion. Depending on the actions taken by the user simulates physics and inertia of the machine. Virtual scenarios based on actual digitized images.





You have access to all the options as the original Jumbo offers: from charging a plan of shooting to start drilling in automatic mode, modification of pressures, etc. At the same time keep a complete record of all parameters and generates a report. The Simulator includes a post of trainer from which the teacher or tutor can assess and monitor.


-Initial menu with optional parameters settings
-Getting used to the machine and most common maneuvers
-Driving under different weather conditions: sunny, night-time, evening, rain, snow, fog, storm…
-Usual construction site applications seasoned with eventual incident





It is a plan adapted 100% to the driver requirements. It is composed by training sessions and exercises that must be completed to correctly evaluate the student.
At the end of each practice, a results summary will pop-up with all the infractions and mistakes committed by the user.


TRAINING PLAN: Familiarization with the controls of the machine


1.Learning how to drive and control the machine
3.Basic maneuvers
4.Basic operations
-Prepare the shooting plan
-Navigation and calibration


5. Practical applications
-Horizontal directional drilling
-Drilling angle


6.Health and safety procedures