Our Simescar Silver simulator attends the Madrid Driving Schools celebration with AEOL

Autor:    Fecha:  24 October 2016

* Madrid Driving Schools’ celebration dinner

A few weeks ago, 07/10/2016, it was celebrated the Madrid Driving Schools Party where about 300 guests were able to enjoy themselves our car simulator Simescar Silver next to our partners from AEOL.

The event was inaugurated by the President of the Provincial Association of Schools of Madrid (APAMAD), D. Ricardo Cano Jimenez at the “Princess” Hotel in Alcorcón (Madrid, Spain).

After the opening speech, the guests of the event enjoyed three conferences about the Importance of Safety Driving, Geo-localization in Training Service and New Technologies Systems for Driver Assistance.

During the day, our Simescar Silver simulator was available to be driven by any interested guest.  This event was an ideal opportunity for guests from the business or industry of driving schools to show them the advantages of our simulator and to see it as a complement to the current training system.


*Our Simescar Silver simulator at the event

Our Simescar Silver simulator allows feeling the experience of driving across different environment, under different weather conditions and reacting correctly under adverse situations in one single cabin. All of this without risk of suffering an accident.

This system, in which the simulation allows us to set exercises to test drivers, offers endless learning opportunities adapted to new technologies and needs demanded by the current market.