Say ‘Hello’ to the automatic transmission inside of our car simulator, Simescar

Autor:    Fecha:  8 February 2017

In Simumak we have incorporated the automatic transmission inside the driving possibilities of our automobile simulator software, Simescar.

automaticaLearning to drive an automatic car (with automatic transmission type) can be very easy for those who have never before driven a real car, but for all those that have driven with a manual gearshift can be quite hard at first.

When a person is used to driving a manual car and decides to move to the automatic car, he often finds several problems as, for example, what to do with his left foot.

When you’ve never tried an automatic car and try to drive it for the first time, you probably lose a little control of the car and spend some time until you get used to it. You may even feel quite insecure at first because of the uncontrolled situation.

If all those people who have learned to drive with a manual car could had learned at the same time to drive an automatic driving, these types of problems would pass into the background. The period of adaptation to this new technology would be less and the sense of insecurity at the beginning could even disappear.

That is what we have tried to achieve in Simumak with the incorporation of automatic transmission in our car simulator, Simescar.

The driver, who could previously learn the basic knowledge of driving through a first contact with our teaching tool, now he will be able to choose between the two options of transmission and practicing according to the circumstances.

Every driver needs a period of adaptation. At first it will be necessary to pay close attention to all details during the whole process.

This new parameter that incorporates the software of our car simulator, Simescar, offers the possibility of learning about how to drive an automatic automobile, avoiding the risks that this would mean for someone who has not tried it never.

The fact of real driving, whether manual or automatic, carries a lot of responsibility. If a student who is learning to drive could test both types of driving, he will come out much more prepared than one who has only tried one.