Silver is our most versatile cabin. It is an opened cabin, but it can boast of meeting a high performance, without detracting in comfort, robustness and design.


We have developed the previous model, configuring the new with three screens: 40 inch vertical central screen and two of 32 inches horizontal for both sides. This visual system allows a peripheral vision and therefore the student achieves a greater immersion aboard the Simulator.


It has a complete console control. The control panels are identical to the simulated machine (joysticks, keypads, steering wheel, pedals, etc.) the adaptation and recognition by the user is quick and complete.


Silver dimensions have been redesigned, to ensure their mobility and universal access to any type of classroom, as well as make it detachable for easy transport. It can be divided into several modules, which also facilitates the repair in case of hypothetical breakdown.


General features of Silver cabin:


Opened cabin, with complete control console, which includes a steering column and original pedals.


3 screens: a vertical 40’’ screen, and two side ones of 32’’, plus a touch screen for navigation and options selection.


Motion seat platform of 2DOF (freedom degrees) included.