Simumak bets on virtual training in mining sector: LHD simulator

Autor:    Fecha:  23 February 2012

The particular Spanish orography and the expansion of the works of the AVE (high speed train) in our country, have allowed a large number of kilometers of tunnels excavated exponentially increase in our country in recent years. There has also been a continuous progress of the Spanish industry in relation to the equipment, exploitation, maintenance and safety of the tunnels. Safety has become an essential aspect for which increasingly is been dedicated more budget.


For this reason in Simumak we have specialized in developing the necessary technology, -both software and hardware – for training solutions, in this case, for mining machinery operators. The LHD –Load Haul Dump-, a low seam machine for underground mining, is our latest technological development in simulation, is designed to train operators of underground excavation, either in civil engineering or mining sector.


Virtual training through simulation to control of these machines in their environment is crucial for fundamental aspects of these industries: improves the safety of workers and the productivity of the company, applied in the phase of learning of the operator or throughout their working lives.


LHD Maqsim, a low seam operations loader, will be released this spring.