Simumak comes to a simulator distribution agreement with Gesquality in Chile

Autor:    Fecha:  17 October 2012

Simumak, leading spanish company in the development of training simulators consolidates its expansion plans in South America by signing a distribution contract with Gesquality for Simumak’s mining and automotive range of simulators in Chile and Peru.

The Chilean company Gesquality is committed to manage implementation of ISO standards and training services. To develop its activity it is coordinated with consulting agencies, workshops and recently, the world of the simulation. Its experience is based on the promotion, control and optimal development of improvement systems both personal and institutional level, through continuous training programs.

One of Gesquality’s aims is raising institutions awareness about the importance of implementing processes to improve and achieve a degree of competitiveness in the global market. To ensure these improvement processes, companies and institutions may follow programs based on regulated services and high quality standards.

Simumak provides a range of simulators designed as tools and solutions to improve training procedures, with security and guarantied productivity, within the reach of everyone.

Chile is an indisputable potential market, especially in mining sector. Government institutions are aware of the need for a quality regulated education and training. Gesquality, training and certification company, is developing an ambitious plan to regulate the training of operators, and adapt these training plans to the needs of the Chilean labour market.

The signed contract contemplates a national implementation of simulation training, with a view to introduce simulation massively in Chile. This expansion plan involves the introduction of more than 100 Silver model simulators a year during the first 3 years of contract.

The union of these two companies and the good relations between the EU and Chile makes it possible to take a step forward in the training world and, in the end, security and productivity at work around the world.