Simumak incorporates four different driving systems into its heavy vehicles simulator, Simestruck

Autor:    Fecha:  1 December 2016

In Simumak we have incorporated into our heavy vehicles simulator 4 driving systems that offer an updated and complete training for professional drivers.

The key to convert our simulator into a didactic tool is its adaptation to the drivers’ needs, offering to them a training as close to the reality as possible.

In Simumak, where we develop simulators based on this concept, we offer hardware and software updates focused on the characteristics of the market and also focused on new technologies integrated in the original vehicles.


*Our Parking assistant technology integrated into our software

In case of our heavy vehicles simulator, Simestruck, we have incorporated 4 of the most demanded driving systems by the professional drivers in the market. Between these technologies we find the speed limiter, cruise control, parking assistant and blind spot detection system.

The speed limiter is a technology that allows to the driver to fix a  maximum speed limit. This speed will not be able to be exceeded during the simulation even if the accelerator is trodden.

The cruise control is other technology applied to regulate the speed of the vehicle during the simulation. In this case, the driver fixes the speed that he wants to drive with during the simulation, allowing him avoiding the interaction with the brake and accelerator during the conduction.

The cruise control allows to exceed the speed fixed during the simulation if the accelerator is trodden. But once the driver stops pressing the pedal, the virtual vehicle will reduce its speed to achieve the previous speed programmed.

Having analyzed the previous driving systems, we will speak about the third technology: the parking assistant. This technology allows to the driver to know the distance and position of an obstacle during the reversing maneuvers.

This technology is connected automatically to the moment that the driver changes to the reverse gear, activating a sonorous sign that will change its frequency of sound depending on the distance between the back part of the vehicle and the obstacle. In addition, there will appear on the central screen of the simulator a panel in which the pupil will visualize the distance and position up to the obstacle.

Finally, we have the blind spot detection system. This technology warns to the driver about the presence or absence of elements in the blind side of the vehcile.


*Our Bling Spot Detection system integrated into our software

This system, which is connected in the moment that the virtual engine is switched on, generates sonorous alerts as well and warns about of the presence of an obstacle by changing the icons’ color placed in the top corners of the lateral rear-view mirrors. These icons will change their color according to the distance up to the obstacle: being green (clear zone), orange (obstacle in the blind point zone) and red (turn signal indicator activated + obstacle in the blind point zone).

The incorporation of this type of intelligent technologies in our heavy vehicles simulators, as our Simestruck, they offer a variety of exercises to complement the traditional way of training to prepare and to certify professional drivers.