SIMUMAK presents its new Motion Base for cabins up to 1000kg

Autor:    Fecha:  4 May 2012


Two years ago SIMUMAK announced  a “Motion & Feedback Solutions” department. The goal was the same that we had already met with machinery and construction simulators. Approach these products to new clients, which until the date were reserved only for a few, due to their high cost that this kind of solution products had in the market.


If 3 months ago was the seat motion platform (3DOF – up to 120 Kg) that saw the light, today her older sister is born; a platform designed for heavy cabins -up to 1,000 Kg capacity-, and very high dynamic capabilities.


As always, SIMUMAK raised a modular development, so that the maintenance of the system becomes minimal and doesn’t require a specially qualified manpower; like all SIMUMAK products, anyone can solve any hypothetical problem. It is only necessary to change the affected module and the system can continue working. In addition to this, development has been simplified as far as possible, cheaper cost, both material and assembly.


The main structure consists of a series of pieces that are easily assembled. Power is provided by three servo motors 3kw, which can work in three-phase (400V) or single-phase (depending on customer requirements). Both control and driver of power is concentrated in a small control cabinet, attached to the platform, from which a microcontroller governs and sensorizes each axe functions of the platform reaching an accuracy of up to 0.02°, thanks to the 12bits resolution which works the control loop.


The platform is prepared for its connection with any Simulator via ethernet. It is supplied with a library from which is possible to govern the platform, which receives position, and linear and angular acceleration variables. Security is ensured through a port incorporated to the platform that allows you to connect a sensor of presence or open door, so that the platform does not work under certain circumstances that infringe security.


We will include this new product in the catalogue soon; until then, we present the new Simumak Motion Platform: SMK3DOFMB1T.