The International Motor Show of São Paulo said “HELLO” to the Simesbike Silver

Autor:    Fecha:  30 November 2016

The simulator Simesbike Silver, developed by Simumak, was exposed in the 29th Edition of the International Motor Show of São Paulo this November in Brazil. One of the biggest events in the automotive sector in Latin America.

With more than 50 years of history, this event has a structure of 90.000 m2 ready to present to its visitors the most innovative products and services of the automobile market.

Besides the diverse exhibitors, highlighted for their participation different entities and governmental organs that work hard on turning the Brazilian traffic into a safer environment. One of these entities, recognized throughout the world by its hard work of road safety awareness, is Observatório Nacional de Segurança Viária.

Prosimulador, company which distributes the simulators developed by Simumak in Brasil, was the responsible to present the motorcycle simulator to Brazil to support the campaign called BLIND, focused on the motorcycles risk that suffer every day on the Brazilian roads.

The launch of the motorcycle simulator, Simesbike Silver, is the perfect opportunity to educate drivers, pedestrians and motorists about the importance of good practices in the road. Especially for Simumak and its simulator as a didactic tool in favor of the road safety.

Would you like to see how works the motorcycle simulator, Simesbike Silver?