Towersim is one of the most practical simulators. The difficulty of manipulating and lifting loads in discontinuous movements, distributing objects suspended from a hook by setting the action of a counterweight. The operation of a tower crane carries a high risk in actual practice. With Towersim simulator, in addition to the known advantages represented by virtual reality, there is also an added safety benefit.





Reproduces, with total realism, the operation of the tower crane and its main elements. It imitates the movements of the crane, such as the elevation and translation of the load, the drafts… It also reproduces the speeds, reach range and different mechanisms of the crane. Faithfully displays the scenario of a typical use of tower cranes area and physics of the machine are completely real.


-Initial menu with optional parameters settings
-Getting used to the machine and most common maneuvers
-Different weather conditions: sunny, night-time, evening, rain, snow, fog, storm…
-Usual construction site applications seasoned with eventual incidents





Comprises a base that includes the computer, sound system, and remote control receiver. A display system for a LCD projector of 52 “. Controls could be by remote control or cable. These controls include two joysticks and 12 buttons from the original drivers.





The simulator is intended to provide the student with full knowledge of machine operation, from the controls to complex professional applications. The simulator is intended to develop a self-managed learning activity in which the student learns work issues, skills and attitudes.

In conclusion, the goal is to teach how to operate the machine in a productive, safe and controlled way through assessments.