Visit our Testimonials new section inside our web site

Autor:    Fecha:  11 January 2017

In Simumak, we have created a new section for the Testimonials of our clients where they relate their own experience with our simulators.

The necessity of knowing as information as possible about one product, service or Brand during the decision/purchase process turns important having testimonials about previous clients to guarantee that we can trust on them.

In Simumak, where we design and develop simulators as didactic tools, is important to be sure that our clients understand the utility of this products and how can help them.




For that reason, being conscious that our products aren’t common, we have decided to create a new section of Testimonials where everyone interested can read real and updated opinions of our current clients’ experiences with the simulators.

This type of Testimonials help us to build a strong structure to develop safety, credibility and confidence on our Brand image.

Students of driving schools, Instructors and citizens from different countries tell us how interesting the fact of introducing a simulator during their training process was for them.


We want to invite you to visit this new section inside our web site and discovering different points of view of seeing a simulator as a training tool.