Remote controlled vehicle: Vortex Simulator


These remote controlled robots are designed to reduce the common risks which these EOD Robots (explosive ordenance disposal) are normally exposed to. As they are controlled from a distance, they are used to manage any kind of EOD, IED, VBIED or nuclear and biological threats.EOD robots are medium dimensioned, and equipped with an 3,5m hydraulic arm, capable of supporting up to 250kg.


The EOD robot is designed to inspect, detonate, or deactivate explosive devices from a safe distance. They are equipped with several different accessories: metal detector, claws, nippers, thermal cameras, etc.


The simulator can customize the robot physical systems:


– Weights and axes
– Dynamic model for wheels and tracks.
– Pliers parameterization (strength and angles)


Support of multiple instruments:

– 4 visible cameras or infrared cameras
– LED headlamps
– Microphone
– Water disruptor
– CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) Sensors.


The user can practice real labour applications: open car trunks, inspect the underside of a car, radioactive material handling, use the robot at night, etc.


The simulator has an instructor station from which a tutor can control and evaluate the student exercise.

Vortex is a highly portable simulator, it can be managed from a simple laptop.



Some Vortex Simulator exercises


– Access to car boots, bonnets, or inside vehicles with pliers
– Shoot to open car doors
– Remove and cut detonator wires, separate dangerous elements, move delicate pieces
– Acquire the maximum manoeuvrability with the robot, either to access to specific places or to rescue it from where it has been stuck.


Vortex simulator objective


The Simulator allows an operator to learn the controls and proper use of an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) acquiring full knowledge of the management of the robot. Training through simulation tools ensure the safety for the students and future operators. It increases the overall productivity of the training phase, saving costs on traditional resources and is more respectful with the environment.