We introduce you our new car simulator, Simescar Ambar. Now more flexible, lighter and more economical

Autor:    Fecha:  14 March 2017

In Simumak we continue working hard to achieve new goals daily in the field of simulation. Our ability to design and develop 100% of our simulators allow us to create new didactic tools based on innovation, where knowing the needs of our market becomes our main focus.Simescar Ambar

This year 2017 becomes a year full of new challenges, starting with the launch of our new car simulator model, Simescar Ambar, and its presentation at HOMSEC 2017 (Madrid, Spain) during the days 14, 15 and 16 of March.

This new simulator is characterized by being lighter, more flexible, more ergonomic and more economical model.

Why is it lighter?

The careful selection of its resistant materials facilitates its transport turning it into a lighter product during its transportation.

Why is it more flexible?

Redesigning its set points allow us to manipulate it easily. The simple way in which its lateral screens can be folded allows to pass across doors with a diameter of 80 cm without the need to disassemble a single piece of the simulator.

This flexibility is also reflected in the layout of its independent modules. These modules allow the customer to assemble and disassemble the simulator in an easy and safe way.

Simescar Ambar

*Our new Simescar Ambar simulator with its lateral screen folded

Why is it more economical?

The new Simescar Ambar was born as a LOW COST model whit high performance that shows how innovation and optimization can work perfectly together offering great results with low cost.

Why is it more ergonomic?

The integration of its elements has been carefully studied to guarantee the user comfort.

The new Simescar Ambar has smaller screens of 24 inches and headphones output. It incorporates a manual and automatic transmission type to provide a more complete training to the student and, in addition, have been added control systems in pedals and steering wheel to adapt the cabin to the needs of the user.

Thanks to its simple sales and after-sales system, the customer is able to replace the spare parts he needs by means of telephone technical assistance with standard tools.

Thanks to Simumak, the Simescar Ambar becomes to a new concept of a car simulator with which to train and evaluate people, leaving behind the limits of confined spaces, maintenance problems or economic limits.