It is a construction simulator that recreates the mechanism of a Wheel Loader. This earth movement machine is designated to perform clearance jobs, leveling and land management, as well as loading and unloading any type of loose bulk material.
The productivity of this machine affects many process that will be shown at the training plan to optimize the operators’ task. This kind of simulation’s job guarantees a safe operation practises.





This simulator can be incorporated into the Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond cabins. The same cockpit may also contain various simulated integrated machines like: 360W, BHL, or 360T Maqsim. This type of simulator enabling a comprehensive training plan in earthmoving operators in the construction sector.


-Original/real controls of the machine: steering wheel, pedals, gearstick and joystick
-Three monitors that recreates the front panels of the real machine
-One movement platform that reproduces the motion and position required to handle and move the machine
-Surround system that reproduces the engine, vibration and environment real sounds





-Initial menu with optional parameters settings
-Getting used to the machine and most common maneuvers
-Driving under different weather conditions: sunny, night-time, evening, rain, snow, fog,storm…
-Usual construction site applications seasoned with eventual incidents





The Virtual Training Plan is adapted 100% to the driver requirements. It is composed by training sessions and exercises that must be completed to correctly evaluate the student.
At the end of each practice a summary results screen is showed. It includes all the infractions and mistakes committed by the user.




Knowing the operation controls


Basic, medium and advanced exercises

-Loading earth
-Load and carry Operations


Health and safety procedures


Worksite applications

-Material piling
-Filling a trench
-Leveling the filled trench