Solistica-Coca Cola drivers train on Simumak simulators

Solistica-Coca Cola drivers in Colombia now train on Simumak simulators

Thanks to Simumak’s collaboration with Ambiente Consultores, a Colombian company that is an expert in virtual reality training, the drivers of Solistica – Coca Cola they are already benefiting from the advantages of training with simulation technologies. Cooperating for training activities, the simulator brand thus extends its presence in the country.

In these training sessions, an itinerant mobile unit of Ambiente Consultores offers  training Solistica-Coca Cola drivers with a Simestruck simulator, recreating the risk situations that drivers face in their day-to-day lives. Changes in weather, rain, strong side wind, glare …

Solistica-Coca Cola drivers train on Simumak simulators

The Simestruck simulator offers the possibility of tailor-made training, with plans designed to focus the acquisition of skills in specific areas, such as safety or efficient driving. For this reason, Solistica-Coca Cola drivers train in a safe, efficient and enjoyable way, at the same time that they put into practice their skills to learn and internalize the concepts and thus automatically execute the necessary maneuvers to overcome situations in case of emergency.

Accurate evaluation for effective training in the truck simulator

The Simestruck simulation ecosystem not only provides the training itself in the simulator. It also allows for a skills assessment to detect exactly what kind of training each driver needs. A complete report with hundreds of telemetry data for each session, managed to be presented in a clear and synthesized way, is available for the instructor position of each simulator or also to be downloaded from «the cloud» on any device connected to the internet. 

bus and truck simulator simestruck simumak Solística coca-colaQuality information for better fleet management with Simestruck truck simulator

In this way, training, education and training companies, such as Ambiente Consultores, can offer their clients a diagnosis of the drivers of their fleets and suggest specific training for them to overcome the problems that limit their safety or efficiency. With quality information, companies can make better decisions about managing their fleet. 

Simumak simulator Solistic training Coca-colaSafe driving in truck simulator with Solística Coca-cola ColombiaSimumak truck simulator mobile classroom with sophisticated coca-cola