New Simescar Lite 2.0

New Simescar Lite 2.0 for driving schools

When the first was created Simescar Lite simulator for driving schools, it was done keeping in mind that they wanted to manufacture equipment with the best possible features within the most efficient cost. We present you the new Simescar Lite 2.0.


The goal was Provide driving schools with a powerful tool that would optimize the training process for students and also provide a new source of income.

It is known that it is very important for driving schools that the cost of the product is as accessible as possible. They are businesses that manage small budgets, with narrow margins where every euro counts.


Therefore, simmak has endeavored to design a tool that, in addition to mean a new source of recurring income, had a zero maintenance cost and a very low acquisition cost.



Why is the new Simescar Lite 2.0 so much better than the previous version?

Since its launch, Simescar Lite has become The best driving simulator for driving schools on the market. With a completely autonomous operation, it means that the supervision of an instructor is not necessary during its use by the students.

In order to always be up-to-date with the latest simulation technology, Simumak found it necessary to implement a series of new features and functionalities in order to add value to the product.

El cockpit of the new Simescar Lite 2.0 is still a cockpit modular, very light and easily transportable and removable that can be accessed through any door, thus adapting to all types of driving schools, whatever their size. As a novelty, wheels have been incorporated, which the previous version did not have, so that the equipment can be moved or moved from one place to another in an easier way.

On a more technological level, Simumak continues to work with the latest generation HP technology for both the CPU and the screens, the same as in the previous version. The biggest changes include the pedals, steering wheel, and touch screen.


 More realistic sensations thanks to the new SIMUCUBE 2 steering column.

In the new simulator, we have gone from working with a high-end steering wheel Gaming, a less fidelity and less realistic solution, to work with the SIMUCUBE 2 steering column. A high-end product that, with its high frequency response and its torque of up to 40Nm, provides very high dynamic performance and simulates the weight and behavior of the steering column with great fidelity. Thanks to your engine brushless engine and its robust mechanics, it can be said that the steering column motor will never be a problem. This translates into lower maintenance costs and a maximum reduction in downtime of the simulator due to breakdowns.

NEW SIMESCAR LITE 2.0: Help your students find the sticking point

Regarding the pedals, Simecar Lite abandons the LOGITECH brand pedal solution and now uses the FANATECH brand, highly recognized within the professional simulation sector. The new pedals that the simulator has are designed to convey a high sense of realism.

Why is this important in a driving simulator? Because when a student is learning to drive a car, what he mainly wants to learn is the feel of the pedals and the steering wheel. The pedals of the new Simescar Lite have a clutch with a very realistic feel where not only does it measure the force to be applied to the clutch, but the clutch travel is of a length exactly equal to the length of the pedals of the real vehicles in which students carry out practices in driving schools.

With regard to the brake, the new pedal works with a load cell system, which is a system that measures the force exerted on it. In this way, the pedal technology does not measure how far it is moving, but rather what force the user is exerting, and this is what we all do when we brake in a car, thus transmitting the same sensations as when we perform real braking.

These pedals are perfectly prepared to measure the force that is being applied and this is something that is ultimately very relevant when we want to use a driving simulator and have a realistic experience.

NEW SIMESCAR LITE 2.0: Touch screen at the level of premium range vehicles

The biggest visual differentiation of the simulator with respect to the previous version is installing the new touch screen. This gives the new Simescar Lite a much more modern look. On a technical level, this new element also provides a lot of versatility. The automotive world is increasingly developing dashboard solutions in which buttons disappear and touch screens appear. What has been developed for Simescar Lite is to imitate what the automotive sector is doing and bring part of the vehicle controls to the touch screen.

The new screen allows us to get closer, not only to the world that the real automotive industry is going to, but also makes it easier to have a system where you can go modifying, updating and improving the image and the functions that we are going to have of the different vehicles on this screen. In this way, if a new vehicle is implemented in the simulator tomorrow and this vehicle is required to incorporate new buttons or new functions, they could be added to the touch screen in a faster and easier way, digitally developing a new button. , without the customer having to make a new investment in hardware.



3DOF motion platform (optional)

Almost unconsciously, we all associate the word “simulator” with something technologically advanced and attractive. This is the reason why whenever a driving school buys a SIMESCAR LITE simulator, it automatically translates into great expectations and the arrival of new students. But if, in addition, the simulator has a movement platform, the impact is maximized, since the simulator reaches levels of realism and immersion that get as close as possible to the sensation of driving a real car.

In collaboration with MOTION SYSTEMS, Simumak has managed to integrate the QS-2.0-PL kit into the new SIMESCAR LITE 220, which gives the simulator an incredible sensation of movement thanks to its two electromechanical actuators with a compact design and 100mm of travel. With this movement platform, novice drivers will be able to feel the true dynamics on board a car, which will bring the feeling of driving a real vehicle as close as possible, making the simulator an even more productive tool.


This has been a summary of the most important improvements that Simumak has implemented in the new Simescar Lite 2.0. Improvements that once again position the product as the best driving simulator for driving schools that can currently be purchased on the market worldwide.

The hardware-level solution is well thought out, designed and adapted to the daily reality of driving schools, both in cost and in performance. At the software level, it uses all the power of the Simescar software engine, which has been widely tested and extended, and with which more than 5.000 simulators are already running in driving schools in more than 20 countries.


Do you dare to discover the new sensations aboard the new simescar lite 2.0? As easy as calling to make an appointment at the Simumak showroom in Madrid.