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ACF Innove adds a forklift simulator to enhance its training offer

ACF Innove, a leading company in vocational training in Huesca, has had a new forklift simulator since the beginning of September Logsim Silver, which is added to truck simulator with which account for a few months. The company thus expands its commitment to this advanced technology for training and continuous training. With Logsim, ACF Innove accelerates the training processes in its courses and incorporates new equipment for a more complete training and prevention of occupational risks. 

ACF Innove expands its simulation training offer thanks to the incorporation of a new simulator, in this case of forklifts. It is a Logsim Silver model that was installed at the beginning of September at its training center in Huesca. Simumak has already completed the training of his instructors, thus allowing him to ACF Innove forklift courses they can already benefit from the advantages of simulation technology. Among them, the trainer offers internships to obtain the driver’s license, certificates of professionalism, training and courses on Prevention of occupational hazards. 

Improve training with a forklift simulator

With Logsim, ACF Innove wants to improve the quality of its forklift courses, while obtaining improvements in the control of its costs. The company has a complete storage room with real forklifts. But the course ratios somewhat limit the availability for each student. With the simulator, they can train initially in the simulator and rotate more during the practices. In this way, each student gets more practice time, which represents a competitive differentiation for the training company. 

In addition, the forklift simulator makes it easier for students to get to the part with the real machine much more easily, thus making better use of that time on the real truck. 

Safe practices with simulator

Being able to practice the most dangerous situations without the risk of a real accident is one of the advantages of Logsim that ACF Innove values ​​the most. 

Another of the advantages appreciated by ACF Innove and that they decided to choose Logsim is that they could incorporate equipment practices that until now were not included in their offer, since they did not have the real machine. Logsim facilitates not only training and a training plan with a front forklift. It also allows complete training with a lateral reach truck, on a scenario based on a real warehouse of a first-line multinational logistics operator, with which Simumak has developed a major project for advanced training in logistics. 

PRL courses with forklift at ACF Innove